Auction phase 2

During phase 2 of the auction you can bid on any of the IDs in the list.

Current bids:

ID for sale Bid Top bid from time left previous bid
111600000anielka (22055)Sold and collectedvampir 500000
70022500Senka (25236)Sold and collectedvampir 22000
30030000Kiwi (25510)Sold and collectedvampir 29000
199022000Tron (300)Auction has ended.vampir 21000
40025100Leo (25458)Sold and collectedLeoo 25000
10125000Alex (25437)Sold and collectedvampir 23000
42030000Weed (25536)Sold and collectedvampir 20000
218845000vampirs (20)Sold and collectedTigi 45000
1414150000000Diogo (15441)Auction has ended.vampir 147483647
10002100020jokerjoker12 (10887)Auction has ended.vampir 2100000

The previous auction results are here.

You can use your coins to bid on auctions.


The minimum bid in this auction is: 100 coins