Note: Rapid is required for Rapidreason to function. See the Rapid article for more information on performing rapid tasks.

If a reason is not added, it will show as "rapid".


Use the following template:

  • $rapid=action,length,reason

For example:

  • $rapid=mazeban,0.5,Hello

To insert a space within the reason, use a dash (-):

  • $rapid=mazeban,0.5,Hello-xat!

You can also now kick users using macros:

  • $rapid=kick,1,reason


The (rapidreason) smiley allows custom text. To do so, add #wMessage to the end of the smiley combo, e.g. (rapidreason#wHi!). To insert a space, use a dash, e.g. (rapidreason#wHi-xat).

  • Limited Pawns: