The Spin power allows you to make a whole smiley spin (including hands, hats and hair) 360, in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

To make the smiley turn in a clockwise direction, add #spin to the smiley.

To change the speed, add #w? to the end, whereas the "?" is a number from 1-6, progressively getting slower.

If you only add #spin then it will turn clockwise at the default speed of w1.

To make the smiley go counter-clockwise, add #w?1 whereas the "?" is a number from 1-6, again getting progressively slower.


  • Clockwise, very fast: (xd#spin)
  • Clockwise, very slow: (xd#spin#w6)
  • Counter-clockwise, very fast: (xd#spin#w11)
  • Counter-clockwise, very slow: (xd#spin#w61)