Your message can be A to Z and up to 12 characters long, you have to add the message after #w

  • Example: (led#wSummer)
  • To add a space use _
  • Note: 3 is a special character that does a heart:
  • Example: (led#wI_3_XAT)

To add a custom color add to the end with a #:

  • (led#led#rg#wYOUR_MESSAGE)
  • (led#led#0xFF00FF#wYOUR_MESSAGE#0xFF00FF)

Custom Characters

  • You can create custom characters on a 6x5 grid.

This is the binary representation of a pawn:

  • 001100
  • 011110
  • 001100
  • 011110
  • 011110

You have to convert it to a hex code to use it with the power so we put 001100011110001100011110011110 into // and you will get:

  • 0C78C79E
  • To add you custom character to the message put a * followed by the 8

character hex code:

  • Example: (led#led#rg#w*0C78C79EOWNER)


For an easier approach see this generator:


Simply click the Os then use Generate button for the 8 character hex code

  • Limited Pawns: